Modified Bitumen

Top Rated Modified Bitumen Roofers

Are you considering a torch-down modified bitumen roofing system? If so, you will need to choose a very experienced and skilled roofing company like Roof Commander. Torch applied roofing requires the highest level of skill when it comes to installing commercial roofs. This is mainly due to the inherent risk of fire. Choosing an experienced roofing company like Roof Commander will protect you from these risks when installing a modified bitumen roof. With our services, you can expect top-notch quality work from our skilled and experienced roofers.


One of the best-proven roofing systems for an apartment complex roof or commercial building is a torched-down roof. Generally, this type of roofing is versatile and can be applied to most commercial buildings. Modified bitumen roofs are appropriate for buildings with flat (or nearly flat) rooftops. This choice is good because it is excellent in preventing the build-up of moisture. Also, it makes it unnecessary to constantly require a roofer to perform maintenance services so you can save on maintenance expenses.


If you are leaning toward having a torch-down roofing system installed, let our specialists do all the work for you. Our expert commercial roofers will be able to finish all the necessary labor in good time. Contact us today for an estimate.

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