The best prevention.

Our maintenance plans are a great choice.

Our team is proud to provide Central Florida with maintenance plan options because we understand how crucial it is to have a roof that will last. Without proper care and routine maintenance, the life expectancy of your roof can be negatively impacted. A neglected roof can be costly, as well as stressful, and time-consuming to deal with. We are dedicated to ensuring that you lower your liability as much as possible. We offer multiple plans, from high to low-risk maintenance, that helps manage your roof, even against the challenges that come from Florida’s fluctuating weather.

We have plans to suit every need.

All Roof Maintenance Plans Include:

  • Any roof repairs needed
  • Detailed roof inspections (Annually or Quarterly)
  • $1500 re-roof credit
  • Full transfer abilities to the new owner
  • Easy payment options (Pay in Full or Monthly AutoPay)
  • 24/7 direct contact customer service

We cater our maintenance plan schedule to the condition of each roof based on our initial inspection. Our Low-Risk Maintenance Plan is best suited for a roof in good condition with several years of active use ahead of it and will only require an inspection annually from our certified team.


Our High-Risk Maintenance Plan is ideal for older roofs that may need to be replaced. We send our team to inspect these quarterly and will make any necessary repairs to increase the life of the existing roof for as long as possible.

"Brandon and his team at Roof Commander have been helping me with roof repairs on my rental properties since 2013. They have always been professional, courteous and responsive to my needs. If you are looking for great service from a roofing company that serves the greater Orlando, FL area, these are the people you want to do business with."

Mark Rodwell

What we do to prevent the unexpected.

Here’s what you can expect from our annual and quarterly inspections:

  • We inspect the premises for signs of damage, including splits, blisters, clogged drains, unattached rooftop equipment, missing shingles, and trees growing too close to the roof.
  • Interior inspections are performed to spot any potential roof leak repair needed.
  • We look for any structural weakness in your roof, to avoid leaving it vulnerable to water damage and rot.
  • We report any visual discolorations that can indicate mold or algae, a serious problem in Florida. Algae damage often goes unnoticed and can be expensive to repair.
  • We will provide you with a detailed condition report with photographs in order to give a clear composite of the roof’s condition, expected performance, specific deficits, and professional recommendations.


We encourage you to reach out to our team with any questions. We are here to take the hassle out of Roof Maintenance and guarantee that your home is well protected.