Roof Replacement

Make your property's roof a sound investment.

Get it done right the first time.

For facility supervisors and building owners, commercial roof replacement is always a big concern. Having a new roof installed properly is extremely important. It is crucial to work with a team that understands how to properly install a roof based on your building type. Our team of roofers has extensive knowledge and experience working with every type of commercial roofing system including Modified Bitumen, Built-Up, Single Ply, Metal, Copper, and Steep Slope Roofing.

Taking the guesswork out of a new roof decision.

We can determine if a new roof is a solution.

Over its lifetime, a roof withstands severe wear and tear, degeneration, and weathering. Using testing, we can determine it is time to replace your roof. Our team will support you throughout the entire process and stay conscious of your budget. We ensure that our roofers thoroughly understand energy solutions and building codes to provide you with the most accurate information. That way you can make a suitable decision for your building.

At the forefront of technology.

Our team at Roof Commander is proud to understand the importance of technology in our field. Our technology will help remove any guesswork from your roof replacement decisions because our reporting and tracking features allow us to understand your account in great depth. Also, our electronic invoice audits and accounting software ensure that your bills are fair and accurate.


There is no substitute for experience. We understand that a simple mistake can cost you stress, time, and money. We are confident that the experience, longevity, and stability of our team will only reduce your frustration. Our team is properly trained and ready to provide the best commercial roof replacement service in Central Florida.

Types of Commercial Roofs We Work With

Modified Bitum Roofing

One of the best-proven roofing systems for an apartment complex roof or commercial building is a torched-down roof. Generally, this type of roofing is versatile and can be applied to most commercial buildings.

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Built up Roofing

In a traditional system, built-up roofs (BUR) are made of several layers of felt adhered together with asphalt or bitumen.

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Single Ply Roofing

A popular choice among roofing specialists due to superb, efficient performance. Because the need for more energy-efficient and heat-reflective materials is increasing, thermoplastic systems are the roof of choice used by many industrial roofers.

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Metal Roofing

Another one of our areas of expertise is metal roof installation. There are many reasons to choose a metal roofing system over traditional shingles.

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Copper Roofing

Anything that can be done on a roof can be produced in copper! Copper roofing provides a unique aesthetic that gives an industrial contrast to your building exterior.

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Steep Slope Roofing

Roofs are considered steep when every 12 inches, the roof’s rise is 3 inches or more.

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