Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are more popular than ever

Metal roofing comes in several different profiles, colors, and sizes. There are even some styles of metal roofing that are made to look like tile, slate, or wood shake shingles and mimic other roofing materials. Due to tax credits currently available for cool roofs, installing a metal roof has many benefits and is often comparable in price to the roofing materials that have conventionally been used to roof homes and businesses.

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Types of metal roofs we work with:

Vertical Standing Seam Metal Roofing

One of the most common types of metal roofing is 24 ga. or 26 ga. standing seam metal roofing. These are metal panels that come in various widths and are seamed together with a special tool concealing the fasteners and creating a water-tight seal. This is what many people think of when they picture a “tin roof”. However, vertical seams can be done in many different styles and patterns.


Preformed Metal Roofing Products

There are also the preformed types of metal roofing products that your roofing professional can use for your new roof, which have a lot of benefits when it comes to the roof on your building. They can come in a variety of different styles, which do not have to look like the typical metal roofing. Metal roofing that has been form-pressed can look like shake shingles, slate, or tile and give you the benefit of having the durability of metal with a roof that looks like it has shakes or tile.

Corrugated Metal Roofing Panels

Corrugated metal is a more general term for the different types of metal roofs that come in over a dozen profiles offering a unique look to any home. They can be installed with exposed or hidden fasteners depending on the specific type of panel. One of the most common types of corrugated metal roofs is 5-V.


5-V Metal Roofing Panels

5-V metal roof panels are specifically designed for watersheds. Designed with a “U” over “V” for a great water-tight seal, most roofing companies recommend they should only be installed on a minimum roof pitch of 3:12. 5-V crimp panels must be installed over a sub-decking with a waterproof membrane. The metal end panels should be sealed at the eaves and in the valleys to prevent water intrusion. These panels are made of a thinner type of metal (usually 29 or 26 ga. material) making them more prone to oil canning. However, they are one of the most affordable metal roof systems available.




Different coatings for different metals

Metal Roof Coatings

The different types of metal roofing can also have different finishes on them. This is usually either a paint or a powder-coated finish. Most have some sort of factory finish, which is cheaper than paying a roofing company to put the finish on your roof. Roof coatings can protect your roof from damage due to many different causes such as the weather and other elements. It will protect it from oxidizing and help keep the roof of your home looking beautiful.


There are several different types of roof coatings that can be applied to metal roofs. Reflective paint coatings for metal roofs are durable paints that are made specifically for metal roof applications and they are available in almost any color that you can think of. Paint can be damaged, though, and it may require some maintenance over the years, which is why many people like powder-coated materials. Powered-coated materials are more durable but are usually not available in as many colors as paint.