A Durable Cost Effective Solution

What makes our residential asphalt roof shingles truly unique for homeowners is that they are highly durable and extremely cost-effective.


The aesthetic appeal of your home will see the tremendous transformation with a Roof Commander roof. As responsible and reliable roofing companies, we will help you to select the most suitable design, color, and material for your roof and our competent professionals will conduct in-depth discussions with you to have a clear-cut understanding of your requirements. We are committed to providing top-quality dimensional roof shingles from trusted manufacturers to withstand all hostile weather conditions with utmost efficiency.

Knowing if shingles are right for your home.

Why do roofing companies recommend architectural shingles for residential roofing projects? Roof leaks have become a major concern and most people are looking for a simple and effective solution. A high-quality shingle will function as a waterproofing agent to enhance the durability of your roof.


Asphalt roofs can be classified into two categories: organic and fiberglass. As licensed roofing companies, we will conduct detailed discussions with you to gain a better understanding of your requirements and a fully customized solution will become a reality with us. We always make an assessment of the impact of thermal shock that your roof will undergo in the future and our experienced roofing company will install high-quality asphalt shingles which provide adequate protection against dramatic variations in temperature. Our dimensional shingles are highly resistant to hail impact damage and we will always ensure added protection for your home by combining an additive known as SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) with asphalt mixture.

A Cost-Effective Solution

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to choose basic 3-tab shingles, IKO shingles, CertainTeed shingles, laminated roofing shingles, or premium designer roofing shingles; our competent roofing companies will make the process of residential roofing installation extremely cost-effective and as a responsible and reliable roofer, we offer free estimates before the commencement of the installation to make all the financial dealings extremely transparent. And usually, we don’t require a deposit to begin work.


So if you are searching for the best asphalt roof shingles contractor, look no further than Roof Commander.


Shingle Roof Manufacturers

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