Expert metal roofing installation in Central Florida

When looking for expert metal roofing installation in the Central Florida area, consider Roof Commander – one of the best-rated roofing companies near you! We are proud to have been selected as the official roofing company of New Southern Home. For those considering a new metal roof, we hope this information will help you make an informed decision about the types, colors, and costs of a metal roof.



Types of metal roofing

There are various kinds of metal roofs available to choose from. It is fabricated in many different textures, profiles, and styles, including steel, metal tiles, corrugated material, or 24 ga. to 26 ga. the metal which enables it to blend well with both commercial and residential architecture.



Metal roofing colors

Metal roofs are also available in a wide range of metallic and solid colors. The right choice in style will complement the flavors of architecture ranging from Victorian to Craftsman. This is because steel can be coated with a pigment of any color to resemble the slate’s chiseled surface or the striated grain of the wood.



Metal roofing cost

The cost of a new metal roof installation depends on many factors. They are probably one of the most durable roofing systems available with a lifespan of up to 50 years. The return on investment is extremely high when compared to asphalt shingles.

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Advantages and disadvantages of metal roofing

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Metal roofs are environmentally friendly and sustainable because they are made from 95 percent recycled content. This, in turn, reduces the number of waste materials that may have been otherwise disposed of to the environment. It also cuts energy costs by up to 20 percent. Similarly, any owner who installs a metal roof on their home will benefit from a cooler environment. This is because metal roofs are reflective and have high emissivity, thus reducing attic temperatures by up to 34 percent. This in turn lowers the costs for cooling a home.



Fire resistance

Metal roofing is inherently fire-resistant, making it a great choice for areas where there is a risk of wildfires. House fires can be caused when hot embers, or flying branches, come in contact with the roof. Burning leaves, branches, and other debris are carried by heated air and wind and can prove to be a threat to houses not even close to the wildfire. A fire-resistant roof adds a substantial amount of fire protection to your building structure.



Metal roofs may expose inhabitants to more noise from rain than other roofing alternatives. However, if you are considering installing metal roofing for your home or business, it will more than likely be the last roof replacement you will ever need.

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