How You Will Benefit from Skylight Roofing

Learn How to Save Money and Energy with Skylights

A steady stream of natural sunlight beaming through your house elevates the look of any space. Skylights are the perfect way to add an element of elegance to your home and boost your levels of vitamin D. Read on to discover how you will benefit from adding skylight roofing to your home by safely inviting the sun in, increasing your energy and revitalizing your space. Discover why skylights are a trending feature for homeowners all over the country, and why Orlando homeowners love skylight roofing.



Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of solar energy is no secret. Turn off those lamps and enjoy the abundance of natural sunlight pouring in through your skylight. Skylights allow more sunlight to stream in as opposed to windows which may not directly face the sun, or may have obstructed views from trees. Additionally, you can reduce your dependence on electricity and avoid running unnecessary energy throughout the day. Massive amounts of carbon dioxide enter our environment when power plants generate electricity and pollute our air. You can reduce your carbon footprint by installing a skylight and conserving your electricity usage. Solar energy is an unlimited resource that helps us diminish our reliance on fossil fuels and reduce the toxicity in our environment. After skylight installation, homeowners see a dramatic boost in their home’s energy performance rating.



Save Money

Since skylights are an energy efficient solution to light, you can drastically reduce your electric bill. Not only will you experience savings on your monthly energy bill, but you may also be eligible to receive tax advantages and credits for solar powered skylights, under the Emergency Stabilization Act of 2008. The time to install skylights is now, as solar electric property expenses are only eligible for a tax credit through 2021.



Improve Ventilation

Homeowners can customize the exact look and benefits they want from a skylight. One option available is to install an electric venting skylight, which opens to generate a passive air conditioner and pull warm air out to produce a cooling effect. You will experience fresh air constantly circulating throughout the house while enjoying the natural sunlight, all within the palm of your hand through an electric powered remote control.



Boost Home Value

According to a recent report from Consumer Affairs, installing a skylight during a home renovation can increase your home’s value. Natural light is a big selling point for potential buyers, as it brightens a room and promotes energy efficiency.



Increase Privacy

The majority of homes being built are close in proximity to neighbors, which can create some intimate confrontations anytime you open your window. Wave goodbye to potential privacy issues and savor the sunlight without forcing small talk with your neighbors.



Revitalize Your Space

Fluorescent lights and incandescent bulbs can provide you with light, but they are abrasive and not value conscious. Skylights and sky tunnels supply healthy amounts of natural light. You can reduce your HVAC’s workload by utilizing the solar power and passive light of the sun without producing the overwhelming amount of heat that electrical sources emit.  



Skylights are more than just an aesthetically pleasing trend among homeowners; they are an environmentally sustainable solution for gaining natural sunlight, adding value to your home and boosting your vitamin D intake. If you are considering skylight installation, please call the professionals at Roof Commander for more information and set up a consultation.