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WeatherDefender Roof Replacement Promise

Living in Orange & Seminole Counties can be unpredictable for your roof.

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Between scorching sunlight, frequent thunderstorms, and plenty of hurricane activity, Florida roofs are exposed to extreme conditions throughout their lifetimes. A damaged roof is stressful enough, but being caught in a storm before having it repaired or replaced is a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

As the premier roof replacement company in Orange & Seminole Counties, Roof Commander is highly experienced in replacing roofs with materials and workmanship capable of withstanding Central Florida’s intense weather patterns. Our proprietary WeatherDefender Roof Promis can be summed up in three parts- people, product, and process.

People: Each of our installers are manufacturer- certified employees of Roof Commander that have been thoroughly screened and trained in the most up-to-date policies and processes. We would not void your warranty by hiring unskilled, untrained, unscreened roofers who could install your roof incorrectly.

Product: Roof Commander™ uses a single manufacturer to source the necessary components for your new roof. Not only are you maximizing your manufacturer material warranty, you have the confidence of knowing that every single part of your roof has been created to work in tandem with its counterparts to provide you the most reliable roof.

Process: Roof Commander takes a whole roof system created to work seamlessly together- from a premium underlayment, ventilation, and water shields at the valleys and penetrations- and we add a high-wind fastening pattern that exceeds Miami-Dade building codes to ensure you are left with a Storm Proof Roof.

Whether your home is shingle, tile, metal, or flat, we have a replacement solution for you! Take the first step and schedule a no-obligation consultation with our experienced estimator TODAY!

Since 2010, Roof Commander, Inc. has been serving the Orange and Seminole County areas with award winning repair and replacement of roofing systems for both commercial buildings and residential properties. In addition, many leading home builders and contractors choose Roof Commander, Inc. as their number one certified roofing company.

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