Key Signs of an Unreliable Contractor

Keep an Eye Out

Hiring a contractor should be a simple process. However, news headlines are often filled with homeowners who have been taken advantage of by an unreliable contractor or another. In today’s world, it can be difficult to know who you can trust. Fortunately, there are signs to look for that are often huge red flags.

Poor Communication Skills

Most homeowners are not roofing, plumbing, or electrical experts. It is where your contractor comes in! A contractor’s job is complicated and detailed work; they should be able to communicate their process with you, as the homeowner. If they are not able or unwilling to do this- it is a sign that something might go wrong down the line. The conversation should leave you feeling confident about what services you get from these people no matter how vague or unclear things seem because if there isn’t any clarity then steer clear kids and find someone who knows what’s up.

Reluctant to Provide a Copy of Their License

One of the most important things to look for in a contractor, aside from their rates and experience level, is that they are licensed. You should never work with an unlicensed handyman because it’s much more likely you’ll be dealing with someone who will cut corners on your project or overcharge you midway through – both scenarios mean trouble! A reputable contractor can provide copies of all licenses as well as show them if needed when approaching potential clients. While not every project requires licensing (mowing lawns without power equipment), any professional job usually does so make sure to ask before hiring anyone else

A good rule of thumb while looking for contractors is determining whether or not they have valid license credentials. License numbers should always appear on marketing materials and contracts

Difficult to Reach

Reasonable work hours and standards for communication are necessary for a working relationship. If your contractor doesn’t return calls on time or does not arrive at the estimate meeting as promised, be aware that this may indicate something about their business practices. You should establish what days and times will make sense during the project to avoid any irregularities later on; both of you need to agree beforehand so no one is disappointed with how things turn out!

Reluctant to Sign a Contract

In the end, having a contract can be an essential part of every project. It may seem like just another piece of paper to some, but it is often seen as protection for both parties in case something goes wrong during or after the process. The contractor outlines what work they will do and any expectations that are needed from customers beforehand so there’s no confusion later on- this way everyone knows exactly where they stand!

With a clear understanding between all involved about their obligations before anything has begun, many issues won’t even come up because everything was laid out ahead of time!

Don’t Have the Right Permits

A contractor who is reluctant or refuses to pull the necessary permits for your project means that they could be trying to cut corners when it comes time to submit their paperwork. This can lead directly to serious issues with code violations, property damage, and even personal injury if inspections don’t coincide appropriately at a later date. By choosing someone who pulls all of the proper codes needed in order to carry out work on any type of home improvement – plumbing, electrical or structural changes alike- you’ll have peace of mind knowing that these professionals are upfront about meeting local building standards.

Not Following OSHA Guidelines

The company you choose to do your home improvement or construction project should be someone that shows respect for the homeowner and their property. One of the best ways they can show this is by enforcing OSHA safety guidelines, which are strict rules on maintaining a safe workspace. For example, does your roofing contractor make sure all workers wear hard hats? Are they trained to work around electricity?

How to Know if Your Contractor is Ripping You Off

Hiring a roofer or other home improvement contractor means investing your time, money, and trust in someone to do the job you’ve contracted them to do. While the endeavor may seem overwhelming, asking the right questions and make sure you get the answers you are looking for is a great place to start. Remember, licensing, insurance, permitting, and safety are huge indicators and give you a good feel for the company working on your most valuable investment.

The Roof Commander Difference

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