Finance Your New Roof

Preparing for the unexpected

We know that a roof replacement or repair isn’t always anticipated. It can be an overwhelming time filled with uncertainty. The good news is, there are several different options available to help with financing your roofing services. Roof Commander provides new roof financing options for our customers to help homeowners get the roof they need with minimal out-of-pocket financing.

When roofing services are needed, the first step should be seeing if your work can be covered by insurance. While this coverage will vary per provider, you’re welcome to consult our team on common services that are covered by insurance during your free consultation.

In the event that your work will not be covered by insurance, or you aren’t able to access any of the other options typically available to homeowners, you always have the option of working with your roofing contractor to understand the financing options they may offer. Typically, roofing contractors will work with a variety of partners to provide their customers with multiple financing options to ensure they have the best chance of being qualified. If you’re looking for roofing companies in Orlando that finance, look no further than Roof Commander! To help you understand your options, we have compiled some of our most frequently asked financing questions below:

Why should I partner with a lending company to finance my roofing project?

Quite often, roofing companies will partner with financing companies to help you pay for your project with predictable monthly payments that don’t require lengthy hours at a bank or your home as collateral. More so, you will typically find more flexible payment terms that offer you more control.

You work with multiple lenders. How do I know the right one for me?

During your meeting with our estimator, they will learn more about your individual finances and any challenges you may be facing. They will then guide you to the best lending partner based on the information you shared with them.

I'm not quite ready to meet with an estimator, can I still explore my financing options?

Absolutely! While our estimator walks you through the process and answers any questions you may have, you are welcome to visit the screening pages of our financing partners to learn more about your options. However, it is important to keep in mind that, without having met with an estimator, you may complete a screening for more/less money than you actually need. This can potentially affect your approval (or lack thereof).

I see you partner with two different companies for financing. Why?

Here at Roof Commander, it is important for us that we reach as many consumers as possible and provide them with a roof that makes them feel safe and secure. We understand that everyone's situation is different. Providing access to multiple financing companies helps us further this mission.

Should I submit a roofing loan application to one or both of your finance partners?

This depends on your personal financial situation. In short, Service Finance Company offers homeowners a choice between short-term, deferred (or no interest) loan options or long-term fixed-rate longs with low monthly payments. Your application with Service Finance is a hard pull on your credit and you will have your answer immediately. Hearth offers homeowners who may have had some credit challenges in the past the opportunity to apply with multiple lenders at once. You can submit a pre-qualification to see your options before moving forward with your actual loan application (and the hard pull on your credit).