Why Roof Maintenance Matters

Maintaining the Vitality of your Roof

Why Roof Maintenance Matters, Importance of Roof Maintenance, Should I schedule Roof MaintenanceYou take your car in for an oil change and check-up every 3,000 miles. You take yourself in for a check-up annually. You make sure a trained professional takes a look “under the hood” to ensure everything is working properly- for both yourself and your car. When you ask someone why they do this, you may get a variety of responses. “The Florida heat is brutal, can’t be too careful.” “Got to make sure everything is working properly…you never know what toll the elements have taken.” While these are very fair statements, why don’t we apply the same logic to our roofs?


Our roofs face the brutal Florida heat head-on. Our roofs withstand the Florida summer storms nearly every afternoon. Then, you have the hurricanes as well. Even if your roof didn’t sustain a direct hit or notable damage, it weathered a severe storm that far exceeds “normal wear and tear.” Why do we expect our roofs to just keep going and going when we expect our cars to endure far less? After all, it is likely that you’ve invested far more in your home than you have in your car. More so, shelter is one of life’s most basic necessities. Why not look after it with regularly scheduled maintenance? Are you still not convinced? Here are the top five reasons to have regularly scheduled maintenance for your roof.


Catch Minor Issues Early

Why Roof Maintenance Matters, Importance of Roof Maintenance, Should I schedule Roof Maintenance

Regular professional roof maintenance can be the difference between a repair and a replacement for your roof. Sure, you may be tempted to take a peek yourself. However, it is the professional eye that can spot potential problems. When you catch a problem early, you can minimize unexpected costs. Even if your roof is newer, or hasn’t had any visible issues, it is always a good idea to have your roof inspected to catch minor issues sooner rather than later.


Long-Term Cost Savings

Yes, spending money to save money may seem counterintuitive. However, as mentioned previously, having regularly scheduled maintenance can help you address issues before they start- and before they become expensive. More so, roofing companies will often give priority to previous customers in the event of a major weather event. Why be at the mercy of a random contractor when you can connect with the roofing company that does your regular maintenance?


Maintain Structural Integrity

Roofing is often an overlooked aspect of home maintenance. Typically, homeowners don’t realize there is an issue till they can see damage from the ground or there is a leak inside the house. However, water could be infiltrating your attic and damaging your insulation, framing, and other structural components BEFORE you see mold or water on the ceiling or walls.


Why Roof Maintenance Matters, Importance of Roof Maintenance, Should I schedule Roof Maintenance

Healthier, Safer Living

When a leak starts to jeopardize the structure of your home, it also starts to jeopardize the health and safety of your home. By stopping leaks before they become visible, you will keep dangerous mold from the inside of your home- while also protecting its structural integrity. On another note, if you can replace a gasket, flashing or a few singles- versus an entire re-roof- you avoid the possibility of your asphalt shingles ending up in a landfill. When you protect your current shingles, you’re protecting the environment as well.


Peace of Mind

While this may go without saying, it deserves to be highlighted. After all, peace of mind is truly priceless. When you don’t have to worry every time it rains (and we know it can rain a lot) or be concerned about your family possibly getting sick from mold infestation, you have peace of mind that is far more valuable than the price of your roof maintenance.


Do you have questions about whether professional roof maintenance is right for your home? We have answers!