When Is it Time to Get a New Roof?

The idea of getting a new roof can be so intimidating for homeowners that roof replacements often get put on the back-burner for years until a problem presents itself. Unfortunately, once a roof issue becomes apparent, it’s often too late and considerable damage has already been done. Wise homeowners; however, take a more proactive approach to roof maintenance and consider all the factors that help indicate when it’s time to get a new roof.

After a Big Storm Hits

When it’s safe to go outside after a severe weather event, you should immediately inspect, photograph, and document your roof for any weather-related damage. If extensive roof damage is present, contact your insurance company to file a roof replacement insurance claim. A claims adjuster will visit your home, survey the damage, and determine how much your insurer will cover to help pay for your new roof.

When Your Neighbors are Replacing Their Roof

You don’t want to be the only home on the block sporting an outdated look! Keep up with the Joneses by getting a new roof. After all, the homes in your community were likely built at the same time. If your neighbors are due for a new roof, then your home probably is too. Not only will a new roof help increase property values your neighborhood, but you’ll likely earn your neighbor a discount or referral fee by using the same contractor. Now, that’s mighty neighborly of you.

when is it time to get a new roof

When It’s Time to Move

Whether you have to move for a new job or are looking to sell your home and retire, a great way to make your home fly off the market is with a new roof. Potential homebuyers looking to settle in a home don’t want to inherit an old, decrepit roof. A fresh roof enhances a home’s curb appeal and conveys a sense of well-maintained pride that awaits inside.

When Your Roof Gets Severely Damaged

A roof that has deteriorated over time or has been damaged by hurricane, hail, or debris strike should really be replaced instead of repaired. Patching or resurfacing a roof will provide only temporary protection from the elements. A brand-new roof will be fortified to weather any storm.

Providing Quality Roofs, Every Time

If your roof is old or damaged, don’t wait for conditions to worsen before addressing the problem. Contact the professionals at Roof Commander to inspect the condition of your roof and provide you with a roofing solution that will fit your budget and needs. Contact us now to get a free quote and schedule an inspection.