What NOT to do to Your Roof

Protecting your roof is an essential part of protecting your home’s health and wellness. However, sometimes, even the most diligent homeowner may inadvertently do something that can damage their roof. Here is our list of Five Things You Should Never Do to Your Roof.

Never install things directly on your roof

five things you should never do to your roofWhether it is a satellite, solar panels, Christmas lights, or even a basketball goal, you should never attach things directly to your roof.  The constant beating from a basketball can lead to the bolts breaking your roof’s seal and lead leaks. Using screws or nails to attach satellites or Christmas lights can cause leaks- especially in areas with extremely wet climates. You can opt for under-eve brackets instead. Similarly, with solar panels, there are options that allow for installation with hidden brackets to protect the integrity of the seal.

Never ignore debris in valleys and gutters

Leaves, twigs, branches, seeds (can you say pollen?), and other debris can cause water to dam up and leak into your home. Keeping your gutters clear is an equally vital part of protecting your home as well. Anything that allows water to build up and sit on anywhere on your roof should get immediate attention. “No problem,” you may be thinking as you head to the garage for a ladder. Not so fast.

Walking on your own roof is not advised. Not only do you put your own safety at risk, but you also risk the longevity of your shingles when you rub granules from the shingle’s surface. Fewer granules mean less protection. Less protection means reducing the life of your roof. Hiring a trained roofing professional will leave you with a clean surface that has been navigated safely.

Never power wash (or use abrasive cleaning techniques)

You’re a diligent homeowner and want to be proactive in maintaining your roof. After all, we just told you that it is important to remove debris and dirt from your roof, right? However, just as excessively walking on your roof can damage its longevity, the use of highly pressurized water and/or improper chemicals can as well. Highly pressurized water can do more harm than good when misused.

Never pull up shingles

Yesterday, there was a bad storm. Today, you want to look for any potential damage or leaks. Pulling up the shingles can break the seal, which leads to leaks. Even more importantly, you run the very real risk of voiding any warranty the roof may have. Lifting your shingles can very quickly become an expensive endeavor. Unless you are a professionally licensed contractor, we strongly caution against this!

five things you should never do to your roof

Never install a new roof over an old damaged one

Picture it: You need a new roof. You’re certain of that. However, you don’t feel as if you can afford one. Rather than hiring a professional contractor, armed with YouTube, you head to the home improvement store and get everything you need. Paying for materials is cheaper than hiring someone, right? However, rather than tearing off the old one, you save time by putting new materials over the old one.

Unfortunately, this is never a good idea. Trying to cut costs, in the beginning, will only result in more costly repairs and maintenance in the future. When it comes to roofing, the adage “out with the old, and in with the new,” should always be followed.

As a homeowner, you want what’s best for your investment and that certainly includes your roof. On occasion, you may think you’re being responsible and doing right by your roof. Unfortunately, sometimes, you may inadvertently be doing more harm than good. But, if you keep these five things you should never do in mind, your roof will thank you!

Do you have any questions about best practices for your roof? We have answers!