Tips for Filing a Roof Replacement Insurance Claim

From hurricanes to hail storms, the state of Florida is no stranger to severe weather. If your insured home is impacted by a weather-related event and suffers damage, you may be able to capitalize on Mother Nature’s fury by filing a claim to get a new roof. Turn disaster into opportunity with these tips for filing a roof replacement insurance claim.

Photograph and Document Your Roof Damage

tips for filing a roof replacement insurance claim

Be sure to wait until the storm has passed and your roof is dry before attempting to climb up and inspect your roof for damage. Write down and take pictures of any roof damage that you see, no matter how insignificant. It will help move your case along faster and smoother if you have photographic evidence of any damage your roof sustained in a storm.

Be Familiar with Your Roof’s Insurance Coverage

A wise homeowner will be prepared for disaster. Spend some time researching and getting to know your homeowner’s insurance policies in case of emergency. Some coverage depends on the age of your roof and when it was last inspected. An old, unmaintained roof will get less coverage than one that is closely monitored. If you are unsure of what coverage you have, contact your insurance company.

Don’t Wait too Long to File Your Insurance Claim

When it comes to filing an insurance claim, procrastination is your worst enemy. There are specific windows of time to submit claims for storm-related roof damage. Dragging your feet will not only disqualify your submission for coverage from a particular storm, but it could also allow time for water damage, wood rot, and mildew and mold growth to spread throughout your roof. A timely claim will lead to expedited roof damage reimbursement and repair.

Have Local Roofing Professionals on Stand-By

If your roof has suffered extensive damage as a result of a storm, immediately contact your insurance company and a dependable local roofing contractor. Just like your insurance provider will dispatch a claims adjuster to your home to estimate how much your insurer will pay towards your roof replacement, a professional roofing expert will visit you to survey the damage and get the ball rolling on your new roof installation.

For quick inspections and roofing estimates, rely on the professional services of Roof Commander. We’re equipped to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible so that your home will be protected and secure before the next storm hits. Contact us today at 352-269-3376 to schedule your consultation.