Tile Roofing: What are the Pros & Cons?

The practice of tile roofing has been around since the third millennium BC, which explains why it is one of the toughest roofing materials available — lasting an average of 100 years! While tile roofing is indeed long-lasting, it also has a few negative side effects that should be considered before deciding if this material is right for your home.

The Pros of Tile Roofing

  • Extremely durable. Because they are made from materials like clay, concrete, and slate, tile roofs are immune to rot and decay, unlike their wood-shingle counterparts. When living in humid, tropical climates like Florida this is of the utmost importance. Salt in the air can decay wood shingles over time, whereas a tile roof will remain intact. They can even withstand high winds, hail, and fire.
  • Curb appeal. A wide range of tile material means homeowners can customize the look and color of their roof. The choice is yours to enjoy a traditional Spanish look or go for something more modern. Some tile roofing can even be made to look like traditional shingles.
  • Green materials. Tile roofs are made from minerals, which means they can be ground up and reused once they are removed. In addition, they help save the amount of energy your home uses, as they are a natural insulator and help regulate the temperature indoors.
  • Low maintenance. Because of their sturdiness, tile roofs hardly crack or leak. It is rare for them to need replacing or maintenance of any kind.

tile roofing pros and cons

The Cons of Tile Roofing

  • Heavy. The weight of a tile roof poses a problem for some homes. Only roofs with sharp slopes can properly hold the weight. Since this roofing material can weigh anywhere from 850 to 950 pounds per square, you may need to consult an engineer to determine if your roof is able to endure the weight.
  • Expensive. The perks that come with a tile roof do not come cheap. Tile roofs can average $400 to $1400 per square, which adds up to a hefty price tag in the end. However, this can be made up by the fact that the lifetime of a tile roof is much longer and less prone to damage than one made of wood shingles.
  • Brittle. Tile roofs chip or break easily if they suffer a hard impact in a weak area. This damage mostly happens due to frequent, haphazard foot traffic on your roof or if a tree falls at just the right angle. If repairs are needed, they can be expensive.
  • Requires experts. Tile roofs are finicky, expensive, and very heavy. All this adds up to a roofing job only a professional can do. Even an individual with some roofing experience should not tackle this project on their own without the proper tools, as the tiles must be laid in a specific pattern to prevent moisture from getting in.

After weighing the options, if you believe a tile roof is right for you, trust the professionals at Roof Commander to install a beautiful roof, and get it right the first time. As one of Florida’s top roofing companies, we have the knowledge, experience, and tools to give you a roof that not only has curb appeal, but one that will withstand the test of time. Ready to get started? Contact your Orlando Roofer today!.