Spring Cleaning Your Roof

When it comes to spring cleaning a house, homeowners commonly focus only on indoor clutter and completely neglect their most important and expensive home investment: their roof. While it can be an understandable oversight, the roof should receive an annual once-over just like the other features of a home. To help prolong your roof’s durability and strength, here are a few simple ways you can spring clean your roof.

Clean Out Your Gutters

An accumulation of fallen leaves and sticks can weigh-down, clog, and damage your gutters if not regularly removed. A backed-up gutter will cause rainwater to pool around your roof when the spring showers begin — which can become a breeding ground for mildew and mosquitos. To avoid excess roof moisture, make sure water flow is unobstructed and that your gutters are securely fixed alongside your roof.

Cut Down Tree Limbs

Remove any tree limbs that hang-over or touch your home. The branches of nearby trees can not only scratch and damage your roof shingles, but they can also puncture your roof if they become detached and fall during a severe storm. In fact, fallen trees are responsible for a majority of roof damage. Overhanging tree limbs can also weaken the integrity of your roof by preventing it from getting dry. The shade created by branches blocks the sun and keeps moisture on the roof. Trimming trees each spring will help your roof stay strong and dry.

Remove Roof Debris

Roof debris can soak up rainfall and trap moisture that helps mold, fungus, algae, and mildew grow. Using a broom, rake, or leaf blower (but not a power washer) to clear leaves and pine needles off your roof’s surface will help prevent damaging growth as well as the spread of moss. Debris can also weaken and add weight to your roof, resulting in sagging, spongy roofing material and leaks.

Get Professional Damage Repair

If you discover the presence of any significant roof damage such as excessive mold and mildew, missing or loose shingles, or sagging and deteriorated roofing, contact a professional roofing company to help restore your roof’s health. At Roof Commander, we provide complete and thorough roof inspections, repair, and maintenance services for all seasons and conditions. Let us help you with your specific roofing needs, contact us today at 352-459-7599 to schedule your consultation.