RoofPledge Protection Plan

Peace of Mind at a Price You Can Afford

The RoofPledge Protection PlanYour roofing system is a vital part of your property’s structure. At Roof Commander, our goal isn’t just to sell you a roof. We pride ourselves on being a long-term partner that you trust to look after your roof on a regular basis.  Our goal is to be the full-service roofing company that you rely on to maintain your roof throughout its life. That’s why we created the RoofPledge™ Protection Plan.

The RoofPledge™ Protection Plan is our one-of-a-kind maintenance program that is included with our residential roof replacements and roof cleanings for FREE! Our homeowners will receive three years of RoofPledge Protection membership. Even better, the program is fully transferable* if the home is sold.

What is included in the RoofPledge™ Protection Plan?

The program begins with the Annual 17-Point Roof Inspection:

    • Drip Edge
    • Valley Flashing
    • Roof to Wall “Step” Flashing
    • Counter “Headwall” Flashing
    • Chimney Flashing
    • Chimney Crickets
    • Dead valleys
    • Bath Vents
    • Kitchen Vents
    • Plumbing Stacks
    • Skylights
    • Solar Tubes
    • Solar Panel mounting brackets
    • Gutters
    • Turbine Vents
    • Power Mast
    • Cupola’s

Also includes roof specific inspection points (see below)

In addition to our inspection…the RoofPledge® Maintenance Program plan also includes:

  • Guaranteed priority appointments!
  • Priority Scheduling for ReRoofs & Inspections after a storm
  • Annual gutter clean-out– up to 150 feet!
  • Annual skylight exterior cleaning- up to (2)
  • Annual debris removal
  • Repainting of all plumbing stacks and bath/kitchen vents
  • Resealing all flashings
  • Fixing of any “nail pops”
  • Reduced service fees
  • 15% discount on repairs
  • Free emergency tarping!**

The fine print:

*Transferable Workmanship Warranty/ Maintenance Program

Applies only to roof installations built in accordance with manufacturer extended warranties. To transfer: 1) the roof must be re-inspected by an authorized representative of Roof Commander® and found acceptable under the warranty conditions, and 2) a transfer fee must be paid.

**Free Emergency Tarping Details

No upfront costs to the owner. All costs are billed directly to the insurance company.

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Roof Specific Inspection Points

Shingle Roofs

    • Granule loss
    • Blistering (pitted/ raised)
    • Curling
    • Clawing
    • Flaking
    • Cupping
    • Thermal “Surface” Cracking
    • Manufacture Defects
    • Algae Stains
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Tile Roofs

    • Cracked
    • Crumbling
    • Chipped
    • Brittle
    • Broken
    • Slipped
    • Missing
    • Discolored
    • Manufacture defects
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Storm Damage Inspection Points

    • Hail Strikes
    • Wind
    • Tree
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