Roof Tarping and Storm Restoration

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Roof Commander provides storm damage restoration and repairs for fair prices as dictated by insurance companies and Florida law.

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Florida law protects homeowners from price gouging by unethical roofers and contractors by capping the amount that insurance will pay for tarps by square foot. If you pay more, be aware that your insurance company may only pay a portion of the cost based on the rates that they offer.


Roof Commander determines the rates of tarps based on square footage and normal rates during and after business hours. This means no matter the size of the job you can rest assured your pricing is fair and aligns with rates offered by insurance.


Do not let unlicensed companies and contractors make repairs to your roof. Nailing a tarp to your roof can result in additional leaks and future damage that can be avoided with professional installation.


Roof Commander is licensed and insured to make repairs, and will take the necessary steps to prevent additional damage until permanent repair or replacement is made. This includes using sandbags to keep tarps in place and to prevent leaks.


Please see the chart below for Roof Commander pricing on tarps and call us to schedule emergency tarping service.



Service Type Description Price
Service Call Fee Basic Service Call Fee (Normal Business Hours) $95.00
Service Call Fee Emergency After Hours Service Call Fee (5pm-6am) $195.00
Tarp Install Normal Business Hours $0.95 per sqft
Tarp Install Emergency After Hours (5pm-6am) $1.18 per sqft
Steep Pitch Upcharge 8/12 Roof Pitch $0.10* per sqft
Steep Pitch Upcharge 9/12 Roof Pitch $0.20* per sqft
Steep Pitch Upcharge 10/12 Roof Pitch $0.30* per sqft
Steep Pitch Upcharge 11/12 Roof Pitch $0.40* per sqft
Steep Pitch Upcharge 12/12 Roof Pitch $0.50* per sqft
3 Story Upcharge 3 Story Upcharge $0.10* per sqft


*Upcharges are in addition to the standard tarp install prices