The Roof Commander WeatherDefender™ Promise

The Original Storm Proof Roof™

Is your roof really “storm proof”?

We’re glad you asked! The answer is YES! Our roofing systems will withstand XXXX. How can we make such a claim? Our roofing systems have undergone rigorous testing by the manufacturer. We then take those materials and build your roof to exceed the installation standards of local building codes. The result is our Storm Proof Roof.

Where did this idea come from?

Quite often, other roofing products and services offer warranties and guarantees, but when the time comes, those warranties and guarantees are over complicated with endless terms and conditions. Getting a new roof shouldn’t be intimidating or overwhelming.

Roof Commander believes roofing should be simple. We build you a complete Storm Proof Roof System, and pair it with a straightforward warranty and guarantee that will protect your new investment for years to come.

A whole roof (and why it matters)

Roof Commander™ uses a single manufacturer to source the necessary components for your new roof. Not only are you maximizing your manufacturer material warranty, you have the confidence of knowing that every single part of your roof has been created to work in tandem with its counterparts to provide you the most reliable roof possible.

More so, when you take a whole roof system created to work seamlessly together- from a premium underlayment, ventilation, and water shields at the valleys and penetrations- and add a high-wind fastening pattern that exceeds local building codes, you are left with the perfect roof. Then, that roof is inspected by specially trained Quality Control Superintendents before being presented to you, the homeowner.

Installation Process

The materials are only part of the equation. Not only do we source the highest rated products to construct your roof system, we source the most qualified people to install it. All of our installers are manufacturer-certified employees of Roof Commander that have been thoroughly screened and trained in the most up-to-date policies and processes. We would not risk voiding your warranty by hiring unskilled, untrained, unscreened roofers who could install your roof incorrectly. Choosing Roof Commander™ for your roof is choosing reliability and quality.

The WorryFree™ Pledge to You

Fully Transferable Workmanship Warranty*

Roof installations that are built in accordance with manufacturer extended warranty guidelines.

Manufacturer-backed Materials Warranty

Manufacturer warranties that cover roof materials and components for as much as 50 years.

“The fine print”

*Transferable Workmanship Warranty/ Maintenance Program

Applies only to roof installations built in accordance with manufacturer extended warranties. To transfer: 1) the roof must be re-inspected by an authorized representative of Roof Commander® and found acceptable under the warranty conditions, and 2) a transfer fee must be paid.

**Free Emergency Tarping Details

No upfront costs to the owner. All costs are billed directly to the insurance company.