Reasons Why You May Need a New Roof

Your roof’s job is to shelter, protect, and cover your home from the outdoor elements. If it’s not fulfilling its duties, then it’s time to get a new one. To properly determine the condition of your roof, you’ll have to climb up there. Here are some signs to look for that may indicate you need a new roof.

Roof Repair vs. Replacement

Whether or not you need a few simple roof repairs or a completely new roof depends on the severity of the following factors.

Your roof is missing shingles. Shingles are flat, rectangular pieces of overlapping roof covering. Available in various materials, they are designed to repel water and encourage runoff. Several loose or missing shingles can easily be repaired, however; deteriorated shingles can allow water to seep into the interior spaces of the roof causing mold and rot to grow. If your shingles are chipped, cracked, or worn down enough to expose nail heads, then they need to be stripped off and replaced entirely.

Your roof has a leak. A dripping wet ceiling is an obvious sign of a deteriorated roof that is leaking and due for replacement, however; roof leaks go both ways. Not only can a damaged roof leak rainwater into your home, but it can also leak cool air out. If your home cannot cool or warm itself when your air conditioning or heater is running properly, then your roof may be leaking air and raising your utility bills in the process. While minor leaks can be patched, more often than not severe moisture damage has already been done to the integrity of the roof, requiring replacement.

Your roof is sagging. Be sure to step carefully while examining your roof. A strong roof will remain sturdy and provide solid support to your weight. If you notice a sagging bounce to your step when walking on your roof, quickly step back to secure footing. A spongy roof that has been severely weakened by moisture is vulnerable to collapse and must be replaced immediately.

Your roof has visible damage. A deteriorated roof is not only unattractive to look at, but it will also do little to protect your home in the event of a storm. If your roof has been punctured from debris or a fallen tree during a severe weather event, then it could possibly be patched and repaired depending on the level of damage and size of the hole. However, if there is additional damage visible, it may be more cost effective to replace the entire roof.

Get a Roof That Works for You

Your roof has an important job, and so do the professionals at Roof Commander. Experienced in all types of roof maintenance and installation, our experts will thoroughly inspect the condition of your roof, recommend the right repair or replacement options, and work with you to customize a roof that fits your budget and needs. To get a free quote and schedule an inspection, contact us today at 352-459-7599.