Maintenance Strategies to Prolong the Life of Your Roof

To keep something in great shape — be it your body, your car, or your lawn — it requires routine maintenance and some tender loving care. The same goes for keeping a healthy roof. Proper attention and a little TLC go a long way in ensuring the integrity of the most important and expensive-to-replace part of your home. Here are a few basic maintenance strategies that you can perform to help save you money and prolong the life of your roof.

Basic Roof Maintenance Strategies

To make your roof last as long as possible, perform these simple roof maintenance duties at least once a year.

  • Clean Your Gutters – Proper water runoff is important to prevent rot and deterioration from weakening your roof. Regularly clearing out moss, leaves, and sticks from your gutters will help ease water flow, prevent clogs, and send rainwater away from your home.
  • Trim Back the Trees – Fallen trees are responsible for a majority of roof damage as they can puncture or weaken the integrity of the roof’s surface. Remove any limbs or branches of nearby trees that could potentially fall on your roof. The shade from overhanging branches could also be blocking the sunlight needed to dry excess moisture off your roof. Occasional pruning will keep your roof dry and strong.
  • Inspect for Damage – Each year, climb up onto your roof and give it a thorough inspection. Look for and remove any debris or build-up of algae, fungus, or mildew. Check for any signs of damage like missing shingles or loose tiles and examine the roof for any vulnerable, sagging, or deteriorated areas. However, if you’re uncomfortable climbing up onto your roof or performing roof maintenance, then leave it to the professionals.

Get Professional Roofing Service

If you notice roof leaks, damage, or deterioration, it is critical to act fast to preserve the health of your roof. At Roof Commander, we are experienced in all types of roof repair and maintenance. Let us help you with your specific roofing needs, contact us today at 352-459-7599 to schedule your consultation.