About Us

Our Company

Since 2010, Roof Commander, Inc. has been serving the Central Florida area with award winning repair and replacement of roofing systems for both commercial buildings and residential properties. In addition, many leading home builders and contractors choose Roof Commander, Inc. as their number one certified roofing company.


Whether it’s a brand new residential development with over 300 homes or a multi-million dollar custom home, we can help by providing you with our top rated roofing services.


Unwilling to cut corners.


We are unwilling to cut corners which could lead to an inferior roof.

Experienced Staff

Our specialists have amassed decades of experience in the roofing industry and they’re actually our employees. Many companies use subcontractors to serve their clients. We rarely do this which allows us to set the tone for customer satisfaction, continuing education and safety training. On the rare occasion that we do use subcontractors, we insist that they are certified and properly insured to install the required roofing systems.