Is Your Roof Fulfilling Its Responsibilities?

Every appliance in your house has a job to do. If one of them stops working, you can either try and fix it or have it replaced. The same goes for your roof. Like any household appliance, your roof has a job to do. If it is not fulfilling its responsibilities, then it may be time to get a new roof that works for you. Here are some signs that your roof is not doing its job and may need to be replaced.

Main Duties of Your Roof

  • To Shelter Your Home
    Your roof’s primary job is to provide cover to your home and all of its inhabitants. If you notice wet spots on the ceiling or any signs of dripping water, then your roof is clearly not pulling its weight. Water leaks are one sign of a deteriorated roof, but another is air leaks. Not only can a weak roof allow rain into your home, but it can also leak cool or hot air out — causing your utility bills to skyrocket. If you are having difficulty maintaining your home’s internal temperature, then your roof is probably to blame.
  • To Shield Your Home
    Another responsibility of your roof is to protect you from the elements. After all, your roof is covered in a layer of protective armor for a reason. Whether they’re made of clay tile, wood, or asphalt, the shingles on your roof are designed to repel varying degrees of debris, water, wind, and hail. If you notice any broken, missing, or deteriorated shingles, then your roof may be at risk for water damage which leads to mold, mildew, and rot. Once severe moisture damage sets in, your roof will have to be replaced
  • To Support Your Home
    Not only does your roof shelter and shield your home, but it also supports it by keeping its walls from collapsing. A deteriorated, damaged, or sagging roof cannot provide the sturdy support required to withstand the abuse it takes each year from rain, heat, wind, and storm debris. A weak roof can easily be punctured by a tree limb during a severe weather event which can compromise its structural integrity, requiring replacement.

If your roof has visible damage, then it can no longer fulfill its duties. While superficial damage can be patched, replacing the entire roof may be the less expensive option in the long run.

We’ll Get the Job Done

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