How to Protect Your Roof from a Hurricane

It’s important to be prepared when a hurricane is approaching. Unfortunately, most people are too busy stocking up on bottled water and batteries to prepare the one thing that can truly keep them safe during a severe weather event: their roof. Here are some simple proactive steps you can take to strengthen and protect your roof from a hurricane.

Inspect Before the Storm

To ensure your home is protected before a storm hits, you’re going to want to properly inspect your roof for any signs of damage or vulnerability and repair them immediately.

• Start by checking the ceilings inside of your home for any leaks or accumulation of moisture. Inside your attic, check for mildew, exposed nail tips, or light coming through the roof and seal off any gaps where wind and water can enter.

• Then, inspect the edges of your roof from the ground for any loose shingles or missing tiles.

• Next, climb up and check the surface of your roof. Make sure your roof’s shingles are in decent condition. Apply roofing cement to any that are loose and remove and replace any that are cracked or deteriorated.

• Also, look out for any spongy, saggy patches of roof that could lead to collapse.

Reinforce Against Wind Damage

A weak roof can easily be ripped off by hurricane-force winds and cause its underlying structure to become unstable and collapse. Ensure your roof deck is securely connected to the rafters and trusses and apply construction adhesive, if necessary. Metal hurricane clips are also proven to keep the roof connected to the walls of the home but may require a professional roofing company to install.

Remove Roof-Damaging Debris

When a hurricane is approaching, a good way to protect not only your roof but your entire home (and the homes of your neighbors) is to remove or tie-down any structure that could become airborne. Strong hurricane-force winds can turn grills, trampolines, and debris into damaging projectiles. Moving these items inside or fastening them in place is an effective measure in preventing potential roof damage.

Consider Metal Roofing

Resilient to wind speeds of up to 140-mph, metal roofs have been proven to withstand the severe effects of a hurricane. While average roofing materials cost less than metal roofing, they are less likely to protect homes from major storms. Metal roofs are not only resistant to hurricane-force wind and rain, but they also provide unique reinforcement through secure interlocking panels. A metal roof also provides the greatest longevity of any roofing material as it can last up to 50 years before needing replacement — twice the lifespan of traditional asphalt shingle roofs.

Rely on the Professionals

Every roof in Central Florida has been affected by a hurricane, so it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected. If you’re unable to fully inspect all areas of your roof or if you’re considering replacing your current roof with hurricane-resistant metal roofing, rely on the professional services of Roof Commander. We’re equipped to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible so that your home will be protected well before the next storm hits. Contact us today at 352-269-3376 to schedule your consultation.