How to Protect Your Roof During a Hurricane

Hurricanes and tornadoes can change strength and direction on a whim. When Hurricane Irma hit Florida, it went off the original predicted path, and caused severe damage to homes all over Florida – the outer bands of the storm were so powerful it affected previously unexpected areas. After all, storms can strike at any time and forecasting natural disasters can be tricky – as we saw with Irma. With rapidly changing environmental factors and unpredictable paths, time is of the essence when preparing for a hurricane.

Storm-proofing your home early and having supplies on hand is absolutely necessary if you want to stay safe. The best time to prepare for a hurricane is as soon as possible. However, in the event that you only have a short time to prepare, there are still some things you can do to protect your home.

Staying calm and organized is crucial for successfully preparing for a hurricane. It is important to note that resources can quickly diminish, and your window of opportunity will close. Your home is your most important investment, and you want to protect it from natural disasters.  Here are some things you can do in a relatively short amount of time to prepare for an oncoming storm.

Update Insurance Coverage

One of the first steps you can take is to ensure that your insurance policy is up to date and protects the full value of your property. Call your insurance agent to confirm that you are covered for any damages related to hurricanes and rainstorms.

And, notify your agent of any big purchases or home renovations to include them in your policy. If you don’t update your insurance and your home sustains massive damage, you may not receive adequate compensation to repair or replace it.

Remove Roof-Damaging Debris

When a hurricane is approaching, a good way to protect not only your roof but your entire home (and the homes of your neighbors) is to remove or tie-down any structure that could become airborne. With extremely violent winds whipping during a hurricane, your roof could easily sustain damage from projectiles.

Strong hurricane-force winds can turn grills, trampolines, outdoor furniture, equipment and debris into your roof’s enemy. Moving these items inside or fastening them in place is an effective measure in preventing potential roof damage. Additionally, you should trim any branches hanging over your home along with any dead or deteriorating limbs.

Secure the Building

In addition to clearing the outside of your home from potentially airborne projectiles, you want to secure the structure of your home. Use plywood to protect glass windows and doors, and place sandbags at the base of all entrances to keep water out. But most importantly, if at all possible, get your roof checked out by an inspector.

Central Florida’s Roof Experts

Even if the next big storm isn’t projected to pass through Orlando, weather experts have been wrong before. It is imperative to be prepared as soon as possible with proper roof inspections, replacement of your current roof if needed, or even scheduling a cleaning to remove debris that could potentially block gutters during torrential rains. However, if time is running out, taking the above steps should be included in your hurricane preparations.

Whether you need the assistance of a professional roofing expert prior to the storm, or after the storm hits, Roof Commander is equipped to make both your storm preparations and your storm recovery as smooth as possible. Contact us at 352-459-7599 if you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we can help!