How To Prepare Your Roof for the Rainy Season

The summer is just beginning, and that means that the next few months will be full of rainstorms. Your roof is in place to keep your property dry and safe, but it also needs to be maintained and inspected to be able to function at its full capacity. If left unchecked, minor issues in your roof can cause major damage to the building after consistent rain during this season.

These simple actions will help to make sure your roof is in the best condition to protect your house.

Clean the Area

One of the first things you should do is to clear off any debris on top of the roof and remove any clutter in your gutter. What this does is allow water to flow the way the roof was initially designed, where it will travel off the roof and into the gutters to be deposited off of your building.

Any branches or leaves restricting this movement can cause standing water to apply pressure to the structure or mold to grow in stagnant puddles.

Examine Flashing and Pipes

The flashing and pipes along your roof are meant to help keep water from entering your building and then move it away from your roof. Make sure to examine these pieces and determine that they are in good working order, without too much rusting or corrosion taking place.

Watch for Damages

Be on the lookout for any damages to the shingles or any other structural part of the roof. If any pieces are warped, broken, shifted, or in any other altered condition, have these pieces replaced as soon as possible before the rainy season begins.

Even a few small cracks in the tiles of your roof can have massive consequences for your building and cost a large amount of money if leakage does occur.

Protect Your Roof

Ensuring the integrity of your roof is imperative before the rain comes. At Roof Commander, we can fix any issue you find in your roof and can help you protect your roof for all the storms that are coming.