A New Roof: Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t DIY

The Reality of DIY'ing Your New Roof

When the time comes to get a new roof, often homeowners think their best option is to do it themselves. Getting a new roof can be an intimidating process. For starters, unfortunately, roofers (and home improvement contractors) have a poor reputation. In fact, The Better Business Bureau has reported that 73% of homeowners don’t trust contractors. More so, replacing your roof can be a costly endeavor. In fact, sources report that the average cost of a simple asphalt shingle roof replacement can range from $5,000 to $15,000 and up. So, why not skip the expensive middleman and do it yourself?

There are actually several reasons why you should hire a reputable contractor that is licensed and insured. We have put together the top five reasons why you should steer clear of the DIY approach when it comes to installing your roof. For your own personal well-being, as well as the wellness of your roof, and even your wallet, it is important to remember the following:

1. Roof installation is dangerous

Roofer SafetyWorking on a roof may look easy but can be very dangerous work. Many residential roofs have slopes that are risky to walk on, let alone trying to actually carry out a repair or the installation of a new roof. In fact, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) reported that 37.35% of injuries in 2015 were the result of a fall. Professional roofers have not only the experience of navigating difficult roofs, but the safety gear needed to help them work safely. They have been thoroughly trained in safety procedures and are able to protect themselves- and your home.

More so, what if your system is damaged more than you realize? Often times, there can be soft spots, or even cracks and buckling in the decking underneath. A damaged roof can collapse with just wrong step- causing serious harm to both yourself and the roof.

2. You can make the situation worse

Right after a summer rainstorm, you notice a stain on your ceiling. You go on your roof, attempt to patch where you think the leak is and maybe even paint over the stain inside. Good to go, right? Not so fast. There could be an underlying problem. If you fail to address the damage lying underneath. You’re simply buying time until the water finds its way back into your home. After it’s found its way once, trust us, it will always find away until the unseen damage is addressed. If ignored, the water will spread and can lead to mold, rot, and even the entire roof failing.

If you don’t have any active leaks, you may feel concern over water damage is unnecessary. You proceed with installing your roof by shingling right over the existing system. However, if you improperly nail your roof, you may find your shingles lifting, rippling, or even worse, leaking. So, while you think you may be saving yourself money, you’re only making the situation worse -which in turn will cost more in the future.

3. It may not even be legal

You may wonder why breaking the law is only number three. Truth be told, this may not apply in some places (while it is always dangerous and problematic). Depending on the location of your home, your homeowner’s association, and your county’s building code, it may be illegal for a homeowner to do roofing work on their home. Even if it is legally allowed, there are a lot of requirements you (or YouTube) may not be aware of. More so, these requirements can hold serious repercussions if overlooked. For example, all reroofs do require a building permit. If it is discovered through a sale of the home, for instance, that you did not pull a permit, you could possibly run the risk of being fined.

new roof4. It may jeopardize your insurance coverage

Taking the DIY approach with your roof can jeopardize your homeowner’s insurance coverage. Quite often, insurance companies will not cover a home where work has been done by amateur and/or unlicensed contractors. Have your replacement carried out by a trained, licensed contractor. That is the only way to avoid having your insurance coverage voided.

5. Say goodbye to roof warranties

If you make the decision to shingle over your previous system, you will instantly void any warranty that may have been in place. More so, when installing the roof system, whether you choose to shingle over or try taking off the old roof, there’ a strong chance you will be ineligible for any warranty offered by the manufacturer. Roof warranties typically only cover product installed by a contractor who has been trained by the manufacturer to install it to their specifications. Additionally, when choosing a reputable contractor, you will find they typically offer a workmanship warranty to cover any potential mishaps during the installation process. If you install it yourself, who will protect your roof? A DIY installation means saying goodbye to your roof’s warranty.

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