Clay Roof Tiles

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If you have been searching for a clay roofing tile contractor in Orlando, then look no further. Roof Commander Inc. offers a variety of clay roof tiles including beautiful Redland clay. It should also come as no surprise, clay tiled roofs are highly recommended by architects, designers and roofers alike. These roofing materials are known for their beautiful coloring and rustic charm. If you are planning to replace your old roof, terracotta or other clay roofing tiles might be your best option. With Roof Commander and the help of our staff of highly qualified roofing specialists, we make the process of choosing the best tile roof for your residential home or commercial building seamless.
Clay Roof Tiles Orlando

Benefits of Choosing Clay Roof Tiles

  • Enduring Colors – A tile roof protects your home against direct sunlight, rain, hail and strong winds. Because of this, you would expect the colors to fade away quickly. However, with clay tile roofing, you will not have these concerns. In fact, these tile roofing materials are proven to withstand extreme temperatures. This means that the clay will not fade or corrode even if you place it under a temperature of 1050 degrees Celsius. Over the years, your roof will maintain its rustic appeal. If you need to re-sell your property in the future, tile roofing not only adds value to your home, it’s sheer beauty makes it an easy sale.
  • Weather Resistance – Clay roof tiles are also known for its ability to resist the worst weather conditions. If you are living in a state where hail storms normally occur throughout the year, then this type of roofing material is right for you. Roof specialists suggest clients to buy from manufacturers that offer the highest quality standard. This is essential in ensuring that repairs and replacement are avoided. Doing so will also make your roofing system as durable as possible.
  • Great Insulator – Clay roof tiles can keep your Orlando home warm during the cool months. Clay can also reflect the heat coming from sunlight instead of absorbing it. Hence, the temperature indoors is kept at a comfortable level. This minimizes the necessity for constantly running your air conditioning system. Thus, it also reduces overall power consumption.
  • Remarkable Beauty – Terracotta roof tiles and Mission style barrel roof tile both provide an Old World ambiance to the overall architectural design. Homeowners who want to add a touch of sophistication to their home should opt for a roofing system made of clay roof tiles. Since it is available in various colors and blends, you can easily find a specific type that would match the overall design of your home. Whether the structure is for commercial or residential purpose, clay roof tiles make a fantastic choice. For those looking for energy efficiency, solar roof tiles are a great option that blend seamlessly into the tile roofing system.
  • Sound and Fire Resistance – Clay roof tiles have a special attribute of thickness. This characteristic enables the roof to absorb sounds. Outdoor noise pollution is significantly reduced. On top of that, these roofing materials are also fire proof. Clay is a non-combustible material and has a Class A fireproof rating. This is especially helpful for those living in rural areas that are prone to brush fires. You can protect your property from these natural wildfires by choosing a roof that is primarily made from clay tiles.

Everything explained, clay roof tiles offer an array of benefits. They are definitely different from concrete roof tiles in their visual appeal and are truly a superior roofing system and wise investment. However,  it is crucial that you only hire expert roofers to ensure that your tile roofing system is correctly installed. Our trained specialists will provide you tips on how to maintain your roofing system over the years to help minimize repairs and costly roof replacement.  Roof Commander also offers two different roof maintenance service plans to help protect, maintain and ensure you get the longest life out of your new Orlando clay tile roof!