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If you have been considering hiring a solar roof tile contractor in Orlando, then you may want to consider Roof Commander Inc. We have certified specialists, who install all types of energy efficient roofing systems. One of the coolest innovations in technology to come along in awhile is solar tiled roofs.  Let’s face it, solar panels are obtrusive and unappealing to most people. However, solar tiles can be integrated into an existing roofing system with out the need of inserting huge bolts into the roof deck, which inevitably leave your roof exposed to potential leaks.  These interlocking roofing tiles make for easier installation and are durable enough to withstand severe weather making them a perfect way to incorporate energy savings into your home or building.

Solar Roof Tiles Orlando

What are solar roof tiles?

Solar shingles and tiles as you may have guessed, use solar technology to convert and store electricity from sunlight. They are made to look like conventional shingles, Terra Cotta roof tiles and even slate roof tiles, so they can be integrated into a roofing system providing a seamless appearance. This technological advancement is rapidly becoming more popular for those who wish to reduce energy consumption from the grid while maintaining a stylish look for their home.

How does it work?

Solar roof tiles and solar shingles use photovoltaics technology. Photo is another word for “light” while the word voltaic can be translated to “electricity.” Hence, photovoltaic literally means electricity coming from light. Every shingle is made of photovoltaic cells. Each of these cells is composed of silicon semiconductors. The semiconductor captures the energy coming from the sun which is later transformed into electric power.

Solar Roof Tile Cost?

Installation of solar roof tiles in Orlando is generally more expensive than installing other types of roofing systems. The cost depends on the state or location. Federal tax credits are available and can reduce the cost of materials about 30%. In addition, a solar roof can reduce energy consumption anywhere from 40%-60% . Take note that the labor cost for local roofers is not yet included in the estimate. Solar roof tiles for commercial and residential structures should be installed, repaired, and replaced only by certified solar roofing specialists.

Benefits of Solar Roofing Tiles?

Solar tile roofs are really the next generation in roofing. Apart from the fact that it helps in the reduction of electric energy consumption, it is also environmental-friendly. They do not emit greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide. The material is renewable. They don’t require fossil fuel. Most importantly, it is abundant. The energy coming from the sun is free and limitless. Investing in this type of roofing system is a wise decision for long-term benefits.

Are there disadvantages to solar tiles?

The initial cost of investment is steep. Compared with other good roofing materials, solar roof tiles are more expensive.  However, the downside is offset by the benefits of having a solar roofing system. If you are planning to invest in solar roof tiles, keep in mind that you also need to hire a certified solar contractor for regular maintenance and inspection. This will help you prevent costly repairs and untimely replacement.

Is there a better option?

Solar roof tiles and shingles are one of the most technologically advanced options for roofing materials. If you are not into conservation of energy and saving the planet, your second best option would be traditional concrete roof tiles. These are also efficient insulators and can also last for 50 years.

Solar roof tiles are not just a great protection from the unpredictable weather but these are cost-effective when you consider the energy savings over the lifespan. Call the specialists at Roof Commander for more information about solar roof tiles installation in Orlando Florida.