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Are you planning on using concrete roof tiles for your new Orlando home or commercial building? At Roof Commander Inc., our team of roofers are highly skilled at installing concrete roofing tile and we are here to ensure that your next roof will withstand whatever mother nature throws at it, including natural disasters like hurricane and hail storms.

Why roofing companies recommend concrete roof tiles:

Lifetime Warranty – Concrete roofing tiles are proven to last for up to 50 years. These roofing materials are known for their exceptional durability and superb quality for both residential and commercial applications. In Central Florida, a place where natural calamities can happen at anytime, you need to consider hiring a good, qualified roofing contractor that has the proper tools, experience and skills to install concrete roof tiles correctly. Along with proper maintenance and a regular roof inspection, you can rest assured that your concrete roofing system will last a lifetime.

Noise Reduction – Do you want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful surrounding? Both clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles can help you achieve a home that is free from unnecessary noise. Because of the density of a concrete tile roof, they help reduce the outdoor sounds coming from passing airplanes, trains, and traffic. Sounds from heavy rain and hailstorm are also very minimal.

Fire Resistance – A concrete tile roof also resistant to fire. Don’t let your investment turn into ash. Protecting your house by using materials that can help you avoid total destruction from fire. It is crucial to consider only installing tile roofs with a flammability index not higher than 5 and only hiring the best licensed roofers that have the tools and skills to ensure that these requirements are met.

Curb Appeal — Aside from durability, it is also important to choose a tile roofing material that will complement the overall structure and architecture of your home. Concrete roof tiles are designed to provide a facade with unique elegance and class.

Comfort — Tile roofs made of concrete ¬†also help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. This kind of tile roofing is recommended for homeowners who are looking for ways to help minimize their heating and cooling costs.

On the other hand, some residential concrete tile roofing contractors in the Orlando area may discourage you from choosing concrete tiles because of the following:

Heavy Weight – Concrete or cement tile roofs require a strong foundation and properly engineered roof framing. The structure of your house must be capable of holding the weight or “load” of this type of material. If the roof is unable to support this type of roofing, you will need to have it re-engineered in order to handle the load and hire a general contractor to do the work.

Overall, concrete roof tiles are perfect if you want a roofing system that is easy and affordable to maintain. The basic features of this roofing material can limit unnecessary repairs and replacement.

At Roof Commander, our roofing specialists can assist you in choosing the best roofing options base on your needs, budget and specific architectural design of your residential home or commercial building. As one of the top licensed roofing contractors, we also provide roof maintenance plans and tips on how to take care of your new Orlando concrete tile roof.  Call us today for a free, no obligation roof estimate!

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