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After Hurricane Matthew hits, every roofing contractor from the Southeastern U.S. will rush to Florida in attempt to get as much roof work as possible! Most of these roofers will be storm chasers who are not even qualified or licensed in the State of Florida to do any type of roof repair work, let alone large enough or equipt to handle such a catastrophic event. Even the smaller, local companies that do roof repair in Orlando Florida will simply ignor your phone calls once they have all the work they can handle simply because they don’t have the infrastructure in place to handle a sizable disaster.

At Roof Commander, we have prepared for the storm with a warehouse full of roof tarps and crews on standby…ready to start re-building OUR community. By joining our emergency response program, you will be put on our priorty list to get a roof tarp in place as soon as possible, keeping your home dry until it can be professionally repaired. Please use the form below to be added to our list.

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  • Our "Priority List" is for those who wish to be contacted automatically in the order in which we receive your request.