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Do you suspect wind damage from a recent storm and not sure if you need a roof repair or replacement? Was your Orlando home damaged by hail? When it comes to a roof, looks can be deceiving, and misjudging what’s really going on can be dangerous. Don’t risk harm to yourself or others by attempting to walk the roof to assess the damage. Although low-slope roof repairs are generally easier to fix, areas weakened by the storm have the potential to give way under the slightest weight. Instead, use a ladder to inspect your roof — do not walk on the roof itself.

Look for hail damage, wind damage and water damage. Curled shingles and loose tiles are a good indicator of damage. Have a leak inside that you can’t trace back to your plumbing? See if your roof has separated from its sub-surface attachment. Hail damage is not easy to spot by your typical DIY’er, but it is easy for a roofing expert to identify. At times, the damage may be something that can only be seen from close up — not from the safety of a ladder. It’s important that you know your limits. If you suspect you’ll need a storm damage emergency roof leak repair caused by hail damage proceed with caution, hire a professional to take a look. As many people that live in Florida know, some jobs are quite simply best left to the experts.

Wind Mitigation Wind Lifted Shingles

If you need to file an insurance claim, check with your insurance agency to see if they offer wind storm insurance. A simple inspection must be conducted to confirm that your home was built with the appropriate methods necessary to withstand a storm. The inspector should look to see that there are things present such as gable end bracing, roof to wall attachments, and a secondary water resistant barrier. You’d be surprised by the amount of money you can save with the discounts offered from obtaining a wind mitigation report for your insurance. The inspection doesn’t take long, and the benefit is undeniable. You pay a lot for your insurance — make sure you get as much out of it as you can.

Filing insurance claims can be stressful. If you are denied, contact a qualified attorney fast. In Florida, you can contest their decision and if you win, they must repay fees and costs associated with you having to take legal action.

Hire a Certified Roofer Experienced in Hail Damage Insurance Claims

There are many local roofing companies that claim to be experts. When researching roofing contractors, it’s important to know what to look for. It’s wise to look for trustworthy, local experts that are specialists in storm damage roof repair. Make sure they offer a free quote or estimate. A good roofer will suggest a reasonable price for the service provided. Buyers beware: if the roofer you talk to provides a quote that is unbelievable, be fully skeptical. You get what you pay for.

After a bad storm, you may find a lot of roofers claiming to be experts in storm damage knocking door to door. There will be no shortage of scammers waiting for an unsuspecting homeowner to trust them. You will likely hear plenty of stories about money lost to scammers who claimed they could help repair hail damage quickly and cheaply. So what can you do?

Getting Your Storm Damage Roof Insurance Claim Covered in Orlando

As hurricane season approaches every year, Central Fl homeowners begin to feel the anxiety of whether or not their roof will make it through another season of storms and bad weather.  At Roof Commander, we are prepared for all types of weather.  Hail storms, wind or heavy rain, we will be here for our customers. We work directly with Haag certified roof inspectors that deal with storm related roof damage and helping our customers with filing an Orlando hail damage roof repair insurance claim in order to get your roof fully replaced. Our professional team of inspectors will work with you and your insurance company from start to finish.  If there is damage, we will make sure it is included in the report and gets covered by your insurance company.

Will my insurance rates go up after filing a claim on my roof?

By law, your insurance company cannot raise your premiums simply because you filed a claim. This is a myth and there is Florida state legislation and regulations in place that stipulate the details on how insurance companies can raise rates.

Homeowners insurance is a business and as any business would do, they are only interested in protecting their bottom line. The simple fact of the matter is that if you have lived in your home for an extended period of time and have been with the same insurance company, you have probably already paid for your roof many times over. As their customer, you have the right to get what you have paid for…without being penalized for it.

Other Roofing Insurance Claim Myths

Be careful who you deal with. Unfortunately, there are roofing repair companies out there that will tell you that you can get your Orlando roof replacement cost click here covered for free.  As comfortable as you may feel with your roofing contractor, this is simply not true. By law, a homeowner cannot profit from an insurance claim. Willingly or unwillingly, this is considered fraud!  Your deductible must be accounted for in some form.

If you have any questions about filing a storm damage claim for your roof, call us to consult with one of our Orlando roof repair insurance claim specialists today!