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If you have been looking for a reliable and affordable tile roof repair contractor in Orlando, Fl look no further than Roof Commander, Inc. As one of the top roofing companies in Central Florida, we offer affordable roof replacement services for all types of roofing systems. Tile roofs do more than improve the appearance of your home.  Also known as slab shingles, they are designed to keep water out, provide insulation and prevent fires. When tiles are cracked or broken, they can cause a host of problems. For effective, expert help, contact Roof Commander today for prompt service. We offer other replacement services such as metal roof repair and fixing commercial roofs.

The Problems With Repairing Roof Tile

Roof tiles come with varying problems according to the type you have installed in your home. Many property owners take a DIY approach to fixing damaged tiles. However, this is not advisable as improper or unfinished repairs can result in permanent damage. If you find your roof is damaged, it is best to seek help from roofing specialists who have the proper tools and skills to repair the roof correctly.

Cement Tile Repairs

Cement tiles are some of the most beautiful types available. Handmade and colorful, they are mostly made of mold, cement and sand. Although they are reasonably durable, they can be susceptible to cracking, discoloration and cracking. Curling can lead to damage caused by water and can tarnish the look of your home. With help from your local roofing contractors, you can receive top cement tile roof repair and increase the value of your property.

Repairing Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are used in many modern homes, especially with Italian and Spanish inspired designs. They are known for their high resistance to decay and burn. Over time, these tiles can break because of their fragility and lose color. Because they are also weaker than other types, walking on them to paint, clean gutters, fireplaces and perform other maintenance tasks can be challenging. Whether you need to do some extensive roof maintenance or need to replace them, professionals can offer solutions and clay tile roof repair at affordable rates.

Getting Mission Barrel Tiles Repaired

Mission tiles, also known as barrel tiles, are made from a variety of materials including plastic, metal, concrete and clay. They are semi-cylindrical in shape and can be laid in concave and convex arrangements. Barrel tiles can experience problems from discoloration to moisture absorption. Our certified roofers can conduct an inspection and recommend the best barrel tile options for your professional roof repair to remedy your problem.

Fixing Spanish Tile

Spanish tile roof repair is invaluable because these tiles are some of the most expensive, as well as best looking types available. When cared for and repaired properly, they can last for decades. Their heavy weight requires additional support that can be provided by your local roofing companies, to protect your home from leaks and fires.

Besides cracking, curling, discoloration, fragility, leaks and weight, roof shingles can also buckle, rot or come loose from bad weather. When tiles are not properly installed and absorb moisture, they can split, cause spots to appear on the ceiling or blister. Without proper help from good roofers, you might end up replacing your entire roof, which can be quite costly.

Tile Roofing Repair Tips

You should avoid walking on tiles whether you are inspecting or trying to repair them. This is because they are fragile and can break under the weight. To conduct an inspection, do so at a distance or use a good ladder for a closer look. Wear shoes with rubber for a better grip and steer clear of branches, antennas, power lines and other dangerous obstructions.

If you need tile roof leak repair, you can patch visible holes within your reach. If leaks are causing water to drip indoors, set up containers or buckets to capture the water. Get hold of a professional as soon as possible and avoid fixing the problem from inside your property.

For minor problems like algae and small cracks, consult a roofing specialist about the best DIY techniques before attempting to address the problem. Make sure the roofers are indeed experts before you hire or seek advice from them.

The Costs of Repairing a Tiled Roof

The cost of repairing your tile roof depends on your specific roofing problem, the severity and the materials used. While cracks might require simple silicon or cement application, severely damaged tiles might need replacement. Request an inspection from Roof Commander to find out which solution is best for you.

You can increase the longevity and condition of your slab shingled roof by hiring roofing experts that have years of experience. From Spanish to concrete tile roof repair, you can fix, seal or replace any type of roof shingles. You can avoid the danger of doing it yourself and receive top service by contacting an experienced, efficient tile roof repair specialists in the Orlando area today.