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24 Hour Roof Leak Repair Service Orlando

Our Roofers Are On Call When You Need Your Roof Fixed Fast!

A commercial or residential roof leak can be a crisis that requires immediate attention. At Roof Commander of Orlando, we are proud of our reputation for being one of the best roof repair contractors in the Central Florida area. We are a certified and fully licensed company, who comply entirely with the State of Florida requirements for general and emergency roof repair, which decrees that all materials must pass the 100 mph testing procedure. As specialty roofers, we always respond promptly to emergencies and can initially carry out a temporary roof leak repair, before undertaking a more permanent fix.

Emergency Shingle Roofing Repair

In comparison with other roofing materials, the life cycle of those with a shingled design tend to be much shorter, often wearing out after anywhere between 15 and 30 years. We are the experts compared to other local roof repair companies in Orlando Florida, and as a consequence, we are regularly called out to jobs that require an emergency roof leak repair, following adverse weather on composition shingle finished systems. Shingle can receive extensive harm during a period of severe winds, with cracks and actual breakage a regular occurrence. We seal under the curled edges to ensure that there is no water retention, before replacing the damaged shingle.

Emergency Roof Deck Repairs

Roof Commander is adept at all variations of emergency repair work in both commercial roof leak repair and residential properties, and as such we are no strangers to emergencies on roof decks. Upon our hire we will immediately inspect the damage and establish the requirements, which depend on the precise measurements of any tear. We adhere to the building code of Florida that insists on 8d ring shank nails at intervals of 6 inches. We are strict on moisture management which necessitates the installation of the correct underlay. This is crucial to arrest the build up of water, otherwise the repair will not succeed. We only use good quality components in our repairs, meaning completion is to a really high standard.

Emergency Tile Roof Repairs

Much more complicated than a shingle emergency roof repair are those comprising of tiles. Traditionally these roofs are more appealing on the eye and therefore any changes need to be spot on. It requires specialist tools and safety equipment in order to solve the problem to the high specification that these roofs demand. The damaged tile might not always be visible, so others may need to be removed to get at the offending slate. We ensure that compatible tiles are used, which is essential, otherwise further damage could be sustained.

Emergency Tarp Over

In an emergency, for a good temporary diy roof repair, a tarp is certainly a great option and one that we do use as a quick roof fix. We ensure that enough spare tarp is cut so as to more than adequately cover the damaged area. This is done usually when it is not possible to identify straight away the precise location of a leak, perhaps during a spell of continuous adverse weather. It is better to stop things from getting worse, before full assessment and permanent solution.

Adding Value to Your Property

Let Roof Commander Inc. sort out your rooftop problems and not only will your home be protected from the elements, but also it will ultimately add to the re-sale value of your home. Nothing will put prospective buyers off more than seeing obvious trouble on top of the house, so we believe we are a long term investment, as well as an emergency solution. We are experts at handling roof repair insurance claims and are here to assist you through the entire process.

We will happily produce a non obligatory quotation for any emergency work needed and no job is too big, or indeed too small. We will take away the natural concerns that accompany these types of home repairs. Prevention is obviously better than cure, but we are here for those emergencies that so often catch you when you least expect them.