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For facility supervisors or building owners in Orlando, commercial roof repair is always a big concern. Recently, Reed Construction Data reported that a quicker than expected economic recovery will increase commercial construction projects, and push the price of materials above general inflation. Along with today’s spiraling energy costs, it is obvious that good industrial roof repairs are crucial, particularly for facility supervisors and owners with several buildings. Tactical budget planning and education are the key to better building management.

Getting the Best Commercial Roof Replacement Service

From the outset, you should approach maintenance proactively, rather than as each repair arises. Each year, on average, local facility supervisors and owners who react to issues as they happen pay 25¢ per sq ft for maintenance. In contrast, facility supervisors and owners who regularly (i.e. proactively) check and repair — prior to problems occurring — pay an average of just 14¢ per sq ft. Also, on average, a proactively maintained roof lasts for twenty-one years, compared to a thirteen year average lifespan with reactive maintenance. The more you can lengthen your roof’s life, prior to replacement, the greater your savings will be.

Replacement Versus Repair

Over its’ lifetime, a roof has to withstand severe wear and tear, with factors like degeneration and weathering coming into play. Using scientific analysis and testing, roofing companies can assess the present state of your roof. This will help you determine whether roof restoration or repair is advisable, or whether your roof needs replacing.

Your building will dictate the type of roofing required. Thus, the roofing contractors you hire should understand energy solutions, building codes and roofing systems — including torch down roof repair, built up roof repair, tpo roof repair and bitumen roof repair. This will allow you to make an informed choice about the most suitable system for your particular building. Selecting roofing specialists that offer restoration and repair services, not just replacement, increases the probability of an accurate evaluation and an effective solution for your roof and budget. One good rule to adopt is to get your roof repaired if it can survive the life expectancy of its’ initial service, without surpassing the price of a flat roof replacement.

The Importance of Technology

The construction sector has not been quick to adopt modern technology. Nonetheless, research shows that Orlando roofers who use technology have greater productivity, lower costs and more organized schedules. Roofing experts who have invested in technology will help to remove the guesswork from your roof maintenance and repair decisions. Web software can facilitate improved roof asset management. Also, this software has a range of reporting and tracking features (including in depth reports, inventory management, data tracking and invoice tracking). This allows you to accurately predict the lifespan of your roof and circumvent unexpected expenses linked to 24 hour emergency roof repair work.

Internally used technology can ensure that a roofing company has cost effective operations and procedures. GPS tracking allows supervisors to monitor their technicians from afar, which has been proven to boost a technician’s productivity by 23%. Moreover, this lessens the cost of roof repairs to the customer. Finally, electronic invoice audits, alongside the correct accounting software and GPS tracking, will ensure that the bills you receive are fair and accurate.

There’s no Substitute for Experience

The US Census Bureau reports that, in a period of three years, 45% of roofing contractors were newly established, whilst 41% of current businesses had gone bust. Thus, to gauge longevity and stability, you should use a roofing company that has existed for a minimum of ten years. Furthermore, self performance contractors will offer a more reliable service, because you know the technicians have been correctly trained in safety procedures, and to a high uniform standard. For the best roof replacement services in Orlando fl, call Roof Commander, Inc. today!