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Our Orlando roofing company uses only top quality products and materials from trusted manufacturers during every phase of the installation process and we are preferred contractors for a long list of reputable residential roofing systems. As one of the best residential roofers in Central Florida, we work with varied roof manufacturers whose products have earned Dade County approval and are specifically designed to meet current Florida Building Codes. Each residential project is evaluated separately regarding the existing wind lift requirements.

Why Our Company Is Ahead of the Curve

Unlike other roofing companies, at Roof Commander, we’re committed to staying current in the latest roofing technologies and developments for both commercial and residential roofing, including any new products or features from roofing manufacturers that improve upon the quality and/or life expectancy of your roof. Our contractors are also committed to ongoing continuing  education programs supported by various manufacturers and other industry related organizations. Using better quality materials along with our roof maintenance plans will extend the life of your roof.

Why You Should Only Use Quality Roofing Materials

As an environmentally conscious roofing company, we try to do our part in protecting the environment. It is a known fact that asphalt shingles materials contribute to the pollution and there is a large amount that gets dumped into our landfills all across the country on a daily basis. We strongly believe this is unnecessary in the world we currently live in. As technologies advance in the roofing industry, the products of yesterday have become antiquated and inferior.  There are several reasons for choosing better quality and more sustainable roofing materials in today’s world. Here is just one we think everyone should consider:

  • Use Synthetic Underlayments – Unlike asphalt saturated felt, synthetic underlayments not only offer superior tear resistance, many are now made from recycled content. This means you get exceptional performance while extending the life cycle of a material that would otherwise go to the landfill.  In addition, since traditional felt underlayments are made with petroleum they fluctuate with the price of fuel making the cost difference negligible.  In this day and age, it makes the choice simple!

Being one of the top roofing contractors, we have access to a wide array of residential roofing manufacturers in Orlando including:
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